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Taming Worry Dragons

Taming Worry Dragons: Therapy Group for Anxious Children - Facilitator's Manual, 3rd ed.

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Therapist's Manual is for the 10 session children's Taming Worry Dragons CBT-based anxiety management group. The manual includes session-by-session detailed instructions, suggested narratives for introducing group activities, detailed hands-on activities for learning and practicing Worry Dragon taming and trapping tools, including working with children and their parents on exposure therapy through Worry Dragon Challenge Ladders. The 3rd edition also includes therapist notes on the theoretical framework as well as therapist tips for implementation of this anxiety treatment program.

This new edition integrates updates to the TWD group therapy program in the BC Children's Hospital Mood and Anxiety Disorder Clinic which has been helping anxious children for over 20 years. Designed for group treatment, but can also be adapted for individual therapy. Use with TWD Children's Workbook and TWD Parent Group Manual as well as the core "Taming Worry Dragons" book.

For professionals, trained or in-training therapists in psychology, psychiatry, counselling psychology, clinical counselling and others.

This is part of the TWD series.