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Taming Worry Dragons

Taming Worry Dragons - Therapy Group for Anxious Children - Parent Group Manual

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This new addition to the TWD group of treatment manuals is a workbook for parents attending the 10 session concurrent parent group for the TWD therapy group for anxious children. It functions both as a guide for the therapist and a workbook for parents.

The manual includes session outlines and core content for each of the 10 sessions as well as Parent Activities which help parents to explore the impact of anxiety in their families and encourage them to experiment with new strategies. Detailed explanations and worksheets help parents to support children in undertaking systematic exposure therapy through Worry Dragon Challenge Ladders. Parents learn self-care and mindfulness skills to help them be more effective in managing anxiety and frustration in themselves and the family. Use with TWD Facilitator's Manual, Children's Workbook and Core "Taming Worry Dragons" book.

For professionals, patients, families. In the absence of a parent group, the manual may also be helpful for parents whose children are in individual or group therapy that is based on the TWD model of cognitive behavioural therapy. This is part of the TWD series.