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Taming Worry Dragons

Taming Worry Dragons: A Manual for Children, Parents, and Other Coaches, 4th ed.

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Created by health care professionals at BC Children's Hospital, this manual helps teach kids how to manage their anxiety. Using cognitive behavioural therapy in a language kids can understand, it explains what anxiety is and provides helpful coping strategies. There are also tips for parents and other coaches, including information on medications.

This program can ideally be used with children from 8 to 12 years old but can be adapted for both younger and older children. This manual includes both a description of the technique and has some exercises and activities included.

If you'd like additional activities, consider one of the workbooks "Taming Worry Dragons Therapy Group for Anxious Children - Children's Workbook" or "Kids Guide to Taming Worry Dragons". This is part of the TWD series.